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New Thought is an American metaphysical religious movement that is approximately 150 years old. William James called New Thought, "[T]he religion of healthy-mindedness." And that's really the truth! Don't confuse New Thought with what is often called "New Age" in the media today, New Thought is actually a perennial philosophy, that thread of truth that is woven through all the world's great spiritual traditions. New Thought principles are found in Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Zen, Hinduism, African Traditional Religions and many other philosophical and theological works. There are several hundred New Thought churches world-wide, which include Unity churches, Centers for Spiritual Living, and independent New Thought churches like Open Heart.

Ancient Wisdom refers to the esoteric knowledge about life, the universe and all else that has been passed down through the ages. It is information that transcends even the written record. It is deeply held within each of us and active all the time. It is a matter of us acknowledging it and making it welcome in our daily affairs. 

What is taught in New Thought/Ancient Wisdom

1. That there is one Life, one Power in the universe, and that Life and that Power is God, the Good.
2. That as unique expressions of God, we are co-creators of our personal Good.
3. That Oneness with God can be experienced in our everyday lives.
4. That each person is free in matters of belief.
5. That the kingdom of heaven is within and that our purpose is to realize this kingdom on earth through removing the blocks to our awareness and experience of Love’s Presence.
6. That what we give, whether it be love, talent, time or dollars, multiplies and circulates back to us: “As you sow, so shall you reap."
7. That our essence is spiritual, that we are currently having a human experience and that our nature is to unfold as a spiritual being even after the transition we call death.
8. That service to others is the highest activity to which one can aspire.
9.That our natural state is perfect health: mentally, physically, and spiritually.

We teach clear, easy-to-follow ways to change our belief, to sow more mindfully, and to set only those causes in motion we're happy to experience. The main practice we teach is affirmative prayer, also known as spiritual mind treatment. It's spiritual, because it deals with the spiritually based causes of what we experience. It's mental, because it happens within our own minds and hearts. And it's a treatment, because it provides tangible, definite results! Thousands of people have experienced healings of everything from terminal, inoperable cancer, depression, poverty, bad relationships, and a lack of job fulfillment.

Is New Thought/Ancient Wisdom Christian?

In some New Thought denominations, such as Unity, New Thought is considered practical or applied Christianity because it puts into practice the essential metaphysical teachings of Jesus of Nazareth. At Open Heart we view the teachings of New Thought as belonging to all religions, and welcome Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Pagans, Hindus, Spiritualists and individuals from other spiritual traditions.

Of course, in the West, we love practicality. And it's the practical application of these principles that make all the difference. If you've ever watched Oprah Winfrey, and seen her interview a guest who explains a way to make your life better by changing your intentions, you've seen New Thought principles being taught. If you've read some of the works of Deepak Chopra, which focus on how to heal your body by healing your mind, you've read about New Thought.

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